July 7, 2017



Materialising Jyothi’s idea of documenting key observations across India while bikepacking is just the beginning. Her effort has already brought in a few stakeholders to this project. The India Open Data Association (IODA) believes in making open data projects sustainable and open data relevant for the average citizens of our country. Data thus collected within the three tracks (air quality, challenges of India and India Online) or any new tracks that the stakeholders may suggest and support will bring them closer and stimulate sustainable action.

We invite you to join the initiative as an observer and help move closer to our objective, which we believe is impossible without a collaborative effort. You can join any of the existing tracks or suggest a new track of observation.

Please fill this (form) or email us (bikepacking@ioda.in) for help.

In less than a month from now, the first observation shall begin. Jyothi Rongala will cover over 30,000 kms. across India and its neighbouring countries. Hosted by citizens, camping and interacting with citizens throughout the trip, she shall collect the data on the Air Quality Index (AQI) of various locations, the major challenges India faces, and how Indians use the Internet. With more observers joining in this method, it will make a lot of relevant data open.

Current Observers

Jyothi Rongala

Jyothi Rongala

Jyothi is a mountaineering instructor with over 10 years of experience. She has completed a number of enduring treks including Stok Kangri Summit (20,182 feet above sea level), Everest Base Camp, and Annapurna Circuit. Cycling helps her observe things at her pace, believes Jyothi.

                                                           Devendra Tiwari

Devendra, a native of Vindhaya Valley, developed an affinity for trekking in his childhood and has not stopped since. He has trekked in different regions of Madhya Pradesh like Narwar Hills, Pach Mari in Satpura valley.

Having trekked in jungles and ascended few peaks like Mount Chandrakhani Peak (13,000 ft), Mount Sar Pass (14,200 ft) and many others, he embarked upon ‘Mountain Biking’. He has pedalled 600 kms crossing various passes like Rohtang Pass (13,051 ft), Baralachala Pass (16,040 ft), Nakeela Pass (15,547 ft), Kangla Jal (15,999 ft) and second highest motor-able road in the world, Taglanga Pass(17,500 ft).

Devendra says he wants to go around the globe on his bicycle spreading the message of ecological conservation and abolition of female foeticide.