July 7, 2017


About BikePacking

“Observing India at a bicycle’s pace” is a very powerful analogy. If we deconstruct it, a bicycle is ‘human powered’, ‘moves relatively slow’ but ‘helps one keep moving forward’ while ‘establishing immediate connect with strangers’. In this process, the ‘stories and experiences one collect’ are extremely powerful too.


To see how cycling introduces you to a different world together, watch this extract from Bidit and Sailesh’s video “The Bicycle Maker” .

Source: The Bicycle Maker | Portrait | Short Documentry

The Bikepacking Project has been conceived with these thoughts in mind.

This project aims to find voluntary observers, who can join any of the existing three tracks or suggest a new track of observation. They can to ‘travel across the country’ and pursue their passion or just ‘remain in their own habitat’ and while collecting information of public importance that would remain open to all possible stakeholders with an intention to stimulate action.

The idea came into existence drawing inspiration from Jyothi Rongala cycling for more than 4000 kms (Hyderabad-Kanyakumari-New Delhi) in 2016-17. An expedition that started with her love for cycling soon turned into a journey that lent her a new perspective on traveling and all that you can learn from it.

You could be our next observer.