The Iron Nun: a source of great inspiration for Jyothi, our first observer


At a time when many questioned Jyothi about her dream of riding across India, the story of the 86-year old Madonna Buder, dubbed as ‘The Iron Nun’, brought the much-needed boost to Jyothi’s morale.

Madonna, who has completed 46 Ironman Triathlons, made Jyothi realise that age is just a number and the only proof of failure is not to try. Talking about it, Jyothi said, “It should remind people that setbacks are not failures and your every effort in itself is a mark of success.”

“I am not even half her age. I should be able to achieve a lot more with double the spirit,” chuckled Jyothi.

Stay tuned for more stories on how Jyothi has been preparing herself for the expedition and more about the Bikepacking project.

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