Observing india at a bicycle's pace

Current Observations

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Challenges of India

Documenting the challenges Indian citizens face in their immediate habitat. Once grouped, and presented to the world, stakeholders will join in and solutions will emerge.

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Skilled India

A search and documentation of the skills that makes citizens stay at their current habitat and make a comfortable living. The skill that does not push people to migrate out of their native.

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Clean India

To start with, it would include recording Air Quality Indices recorded from varied locations across India along with people’s concerns and suggestions on solutions for preventing air pollution.

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India Online

An observation of how Indians, across towns and villages have benefited from the Internet. Also, data shall be collected to understand the perspective of non-users in-depth.

We believe in a collaborative effort.

What we need


Individuals who have taken it upon themselves to observe India closely to collect data under the four existing (or any new) tracks that would remain open to all possible stakeholders for imagining solutions and inducing necessary action.

Tools & Technology

There is a need for technology intervention and various tools that will enable the observers and make the data collection, transmission, storage, analysis, and visualisation easier. You could help us build and/or procure them.


We believe in sustainable community-driven change, which can begin with you. Support the project, using one of many ways available, and help it achieve the larger goal that we have set for ourselves to achieve.


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Route Map

Route map of our Observer.